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January 31, 2022

The first time I consciously ‘entered in’ to a meditative trance was for the purpose of meeting my Spirit Guides. I was sixty-five years old. And, even though many affirming psychic experiences had already taken place in my life, like awakening to find my recently deceased grandmother standing at the foot of my bed, at age six, and the fact that I felt very aware of my guide’s presence in times of stress or loss, I had never actually met them. 

My previous psychic experiences were manifested as a mix of visions, dreams, a deep sense of knowing, and a perception of truth through visceral and emotional understanding, but, I never once purposefully tuned in to try and make sense of it all. In fact, it wasn’t until I became clinically depressed and began asking God for help that I became truly open to the messages of reassurance and  guidance that I was receiving. I believe it was the combination of those messages, and a string of startling synchronicities too obvious to ignore, and several insightful dreams that literally pointed the way forward, awakened me to my purpose and highest possibility. 

I realized I had work to do outside of the scientific field of medicine.

Rarely had I mentioned or shared these gifts and experiences with others, even my own family, because I was afraid everyone might think me crazy. As a veteran Psychiatric RN, I had always enlisted my intuition and empath skills in addressing a patient’s emotional pain, but the more ‘psychic’ of my abilities I kept camouflaged, or in the closet completely. 

At this particular point in time, my life had become a hamster wheel of emotion-and-energy-draining job, housework, weekly entertaining of my husband’s real estate clients, attending parties or dinners with clients, and oftentimes, too much wine, a total lack of boundaries that caused me to absorb troubling energy from people I barely knew, and overspending to maintain this lifestyle. I was in complete denial of my wasted potential, and of who I, and all we humans, truly are.

We are divine souls in earth bodies, sent here to deliver light to the world. We are all blessed with senses beyond those of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch, of which we are either unaware, ignoring, or denying. 

Distracted by a life of frenetic busy-ness, and separated from these truths, I felt helpless to change my trajectory and became quite depressed. 

Then, in 2009, all hell broke loose. I was split wide open, emotionally, by an experience I have yet to share openly with more than family and a few close friends. It has taken a decade to sort through the journaled details and make sense of it all. And now, having done that, I feel compelled to share my story for, finally, I comprehend the connection between this frightening experience, my eventual psychic opening, and my unshakable belief in the protection, guidance, light and love that are instantly available to us at all times–whenever we request it.

My spiritual awakening involved a life-altering encounter with low-vibration spiritual entities of darkness and evil, predatory, and capable of invading the sanctity of a naive, unsuspecting and unprotected victim. This awful confrontation changed me. It changed my understanding of the literal reality of spiritual light, and spiritual darkness. 

The year-long struggle that ensued awakened me to my own psychic abilities, and seeded in me the desire to go forward and use those divinely appointed gifts as a light-worker in the world. We need light-workers. Could you be one, too?

I decided to learn all that I could about the spiritual realms of light and love, how to “safely” tune in to the loving support and guidance of my Guardian Angels, the Saints, Ascended Masters, and Guardians of the Akashic records. They had all shown up for us during our long ordeal, and actively participated in its resolution. 

Twelve years later, I understand that there is a part of us that is divine. It is completely indestructible. Completely protected. Nothing can obliterate it, nothing can halt its eternal existence. It lives on forever. And no matter what happens in our lives, nothing can separate us from that essential Divinity within us. As we begin to understand and embrace this as our solid basic core truth, fear falls away.

Our guides all know that we are deep in the trenches, busy becoming our highest potential, and they don’t clobber us because we’re not there yet. They stand patiently by, ready to reveal both the motivating factors that precede our actions, and the most likely outcomes that will follow. However, we are in charge of making our own decisions, and through those decisions, we control the speed of our progress towards the eventual completion of every Soul Lesson we came here to master.

Learning how to quickly access, and to trust my Guides has played a crucial role in my spiritual awakening. I believe it can be so for you, too.



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