Anne B. Howard is a Visionary Psychic, Intuitive Channel, and Spiritual Medium focused on helping clients advance from pain into connection and love.

Soul lessons are the big stuff we came here to learn. 

As souls in human bodies, we are all in a state of constant psychological evolution and awakening—to the Universe, to the Divine/the One/the All. Our personal Misbeliefs, often family-programmed, conditioned, sometimes cultural, can be severely limiting ideas that, oftentimes, must be released. Our Soul Lessons, once learned, are typically the breakthrough points where we finally “get” a piece of our life-mosaic, and the point when we move up a level, towards the light of increased understanding. Our Highest Possibility, in any situation, is the highest path we can take at this point in our evolution, with these circumstances, and with this level of understanding. My task, as a Visionary Psychic, is to provide my clients with a broad overview of where they appear to be now, and what the Guides, and oftentimes their Departed, want them to know about what is truly possible if they choose to move in the direction they are shown. When we can release fear and step into the current of Universal flow, we are well on our way to achieving our highest possibility in this lifetime.

Misbeliefs and Fear Hold Us Back.

Being human is all about transformation.

When we reach a point where we can actually recall our ability to tap into the Universal Energy Collective, we soon realize that our best path forward, and our path to true healing, are closely connected. No matter how isolated you may feel, or locked into difficult life experiences, the Guides want us to understand that no one is here alone.

Have you ever felt compelled to make a big change in your life...

But were so paralyzed by fear that you couldn’t move an inch off dead-center? Or so confused by all the drama and chaos, or the conflicting options, that you just kept repeating the same destructive choices over and over? Trust me, I’ve been there, too.

Several years ago, during a very dark night of the soul, I had a powerful vision while meditating. I was a very unwilling passenger in a speeding car. Each time we crested a hill, I braced for the impact of a crash into whatever obstacle might be in our path. Faster and faster we sped, until, sure enough, directly ahead, a stalled car appeared on the road. I tensed every muscle in my body, expecting to die. But, instead of a spectacular crash, the car sped right through a vaporous vision of a car. As I came out of meditation, I was trembling, jaw clenched, my hands in tight fists. It didn’t take long for me to realize, however, that the object of my fear was a mirage. It could not harm me. It was like a patch of fog, or a puff of smoke, a fabrication of my ego. And, to reach my destination, I had to trust the Universe and push through my fear.

The point, my Guides advised later, is not which road to take, or what potential obstacles I find threatening, but to choose the direction I most long to explore and no matter what obstacles present themselves, to keep moving forward. This is a good example of a Guiding Vision, and reflective of the type of visions I receive and pass on to my clients. Then, together, in collaboration with the Guides, the Universe/One/All, and sometimes the client’s departed, we can explore the implications and big questions they bring into awareness.

Are you ready to...

Find your way through the chaos of a vexing Life Lesson?

Move back into the forward “flow” of growth and expansion?

Leave fear and stalled intentions in the rear-view mirror?

Receive messages of love and light from your Guides, or your departed?

Identify misbeliefs that are holding you back?

Enjoy new clarity, purpose, and a roadmap for determining your best way forward?

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These are the objectives we focus on in a fifty-minute Visionary Psychic Reading with Anne B. Howard.

If you feel that you need more time, and a more comprehensive advisement from the Guides, please consider a Visionary Psychic Life Coaching Series of three Readings in six weeks.

Hi, I'm Anne B. Howard

I discovered this truth, and learned how to gain access to this source of healing, through having my heart cracked open time and again by childhood trauma, a near-fatal bout with cancer, two devastating divorces, and a life-altering encounter with lower vibration entities that threatened both my child and myself. Then, at the age of fifty-five, in 2009, I began my journey of psychic opening in earnest. It was not sudden.

It was not by awakening one morning to a full understanding of the reasons behind all that has happened in my life.

It has been gradual, this journey, this constantly moving flow forward, but, my encounter in 2009 was the earthquake that jolted me from my close-minded existence to a clear fork in the road, and a new path. A path that has made all the painful milestones that came earlier in my life obvious waypoints along my path to understanding the unique ways I can teach and be of service to others.

The experience of tapping into a place of Universal Wisdom and Divine Guidance is available to us all. 

Step into the current without hesitation.

Make an appointment for a Visionary Psychic Reading with Anne and your Guides today.

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Awaken to the meaningful flow of your life. 


my signture process

My collaboration with the Guides begins when you schedule your appointment.

I begin receiving information almost immediately and make notes on what I am receiving.



my signture process

The night before your reading 

I will do a blind meditation (without having met you) to receive my Guiding Vision, and this is where you and I will begin.



my signture process

By the time we conclude

We will have a clear idea of the primary underlying issue you’re facing, any misbeliefs or fears holding you back, and personalized direction from the Guide’s on your best path forward.


Kind Words

from Clients

"Anne has a real talent for being able to see the deep truth of any situation. She works with you in a way that helps awaken your own remembering of this truth. You walk away from your reading with the gift of having the divine within you opened in a way that creates a most wonderful cascade of healing energy. She connects you to the well of your own divine healing. Anne is a gifted reader and healer. I highly recommend her."

- Sophie P

"Anne is a highly sensitive, kick-ass empath who reads people, emotions and energy very well."

- Denise D

"Working with Anne was effortless. She was spot on with all of her intuitive messages and guidance. The information I received from her has been very beneficial, even more so as time has gone on. When I refer back to the reading months later, the information she shared still guides and inspires me."

- Denise H

I can tell you that Anne has always been a natural psychic intuitive, and energy healer. Anne has powerful Guides and Angels who channel information through her so she can comfort and assist others. She has the ability to discern problem issues, and offer inspired suggestions for solutions. She is a psychically gifted soul who's purpose is to help humanity heal, one person at a time.

- Syvia R.

The world is experiencing great strife, and undergoing great change in the collective mindset of mankind.

Many of us are opening to the truth of who we really are, and we are more willing than ever to focus on seeking our highest potential. I believe that it is important not only to hear what comes through in a Reading, but also to learn how to listen for yourselves to the murmurings of the Divine/One/All, and to trust that you are never alone, and that the Universe always has your back.

Schedule an appointment to see for yourself the clarity that such a collaboration can bring to your life.

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A Fifty-minute Visionary Psychic Reading with Anne

What's included


A Series of Three Visionary Psychic Life Coaching Sessions

50 minutes with Anne.


Meet Your Guides Meditation

30 minutes each Anne.


Access to her Private Facebook Discussion Page

Fifty-Minute Visionary Psychic Reading

The Investment

SCHEDULE your reading


Series of Three 50-Minute Visionary Psychic Life Coaching Sessions in Six Weeks


Meet Your Guides Meditation