Energy Healing

January 31, 2022

At some point in our lives, many highly empathic souls realize that along with our incredible knack for sensing and interpreting the emotional energy of those around us, our own energy can sometimes become blocked, or weakened and stuck, as a result of blurred boundaries between our sovereign selves and someone else. This energy confusion, if experienced on a regular basis, can quickly become physically debilitating and emotionally destabilizing. We empaths must know how to protect and care for our precious but vulnerable divine energy.

One of my favorite ways to get the positive life-force energy moving through my physical body again is through the well-known energy healing system called Reiki. Though I am not a Reiki Master myself, I am drawn to its powerful positive effects. Reiki is an ancient healing art that treats body, mind, and soul. It involves the practice of channeling life force energy through the physical and emotional body to help promote balance and an overall sense of wellbeing. Reiki heals by allowing divine energy to flow through the chakras and the energy field surrounding the body, which can be adversely affected by negative thought patterns, trauma, emotional upset, etc. Trauma healing is possible because reiki raises the vibration of the person being treated. By healing our chakras, energy can flow more naturally, which helps the person being treated heal, and come back to a place of balance. And, depending on what’s there to be healed or balanced, an emotional release may be experienced. 

I have benefited greatly from reiki during times of emotional upheaval and stress. Times when I didn’t even realize the extent of the energy blockage I was experiencing. On one occasion, i literally began sobbing out loud, for no immediate reason other than the enormous sudden movement and release of long repressed trauma pain. As I mother of four, I can easily compare it to the feeling I had in birthing transition, when the “earth moved.” I was both stunned and a little frightened at first, but the relief I experienced after having moved that trauma energy out of my body, and the lightening of mood and outlook following it, were profoundly comforting. 

On another occasion, during a session with my massage therapist, also a certified reiki practitioner, i noticed a pause in her massage efforts, as she gently began slipping her hands, palms up, under my lower abdomen and simply holding this position for a minute or two before moving to another spot further up my torso. Next, she began placing her hands in different positions on my upper and lower abdomen, holding each for twenty seconds or so. I physically felt her positive life force energy move through my body, freeing great waves of my own repressed lower vibration energy, like anger, grief and fear, pushing it through me and out. 

I had not asked Cheryl for a reiki session that day, just a massage, but she said later, “I felt compelled to try and help you release what I sensed to be a dense cloud in your energy field. I had the impression you needed to be cleared and comforted.” I began to cry. 

Matter of fact, I had just come home from a deeply upsetting visit with my elderly mother, who lives in a different state and suffers from Alzheimer’s. Her constant rejection and hurtful behavior has been a life-long challenge. I was feeling particularly stoic and guarded that day, my emotional defenses on high alert. But, this empathic, gifted reiki practitioner homed right in on my emotional pain and my blocked energy. Her gentle, skillful application of life-force reiki energy was exactly what I needed in that moment. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz states, “As we get a better understanding of how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. I think the most important alternative medicine secret is reiki.” 

I most heartily agree and recommend this ancient method of spiritual energy healing.



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